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And the World’s Best Performing Real Estate Market is…

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Over the last year, residential real estate markets worldwide struggled to perform. Many countries have struggled with the potentially facing a debt crisis, while others implemented regulations to prevent growth. In the United States, most cities and states have struggled to get back on their feet.


While housing prices only rose a half percentage point worldwide this past year, they demonstrated much stronger growth when looking back to the last five years. In order to determine which country has posted the strongest residential real estate results, a research team analyzed each country around the world, compiling and comparing data.


The nation with the best performing real estate market in the last five years is, to no surprise, China. In the last five years, prices have surged more than one hundred and ten percent in China. That growth likely would have been much greater had the government not implemented property price control regulations. The national government in China clearly recognized the rapidly growing market, and in fear that such growth would create a bubble, acted accordingly.


It currently costs about eighteen hundred dollars per square foot to purchase a home in Shanghai. In Beijing, the cost for a home is roughly sixteen hundred per square foot. Most analysts believe that prices will fall about ten to twenty percent this year, though, with government-implemented regulations.


The rest of the top five performing real estate markets following China consists of Hong Kong, Israel, Singapore, and Colombia. Each of those countries has demonstrated a gain in pricing of at least thirty-nine percent in the last five years.

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