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Apple iPhone 5 Has New Screen With Release In Fall Analysts Say

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The next Apple iPhone, whether you call it the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4G, has been a magnet for rumors.  Whatever you want to call it almost everyone agree that the next version will come out this fall.  Almost all analysts agree with that.  Apple has been working with Asian suppliers for their iPhone screens and other related Apple products such as the iPad which is a fact.  However, a report in the WSJ recently states that people close to the situation reported that Apple is purchasing larger screens from their Asian manufacturers.

Apple has yet to officially confirm that the new iPhone will have a larger screen or not.  That is not uncommon since Apple never comments on products that are yet to be released.  The WSJ report states that Apple is working with South Korea’s LG Display Co., Japan’s Sharp Corp., and Japan Display Inc.  The Japan Display Inc. was just recently created last month by three different Japanese companies and the government combined.

What many speculate is causing Apple to rethink the size of the upcoming iPhone 5 is the competition being caused by Samsung Electronics.  Samsung recently unveiled their newest smartphone with a 4.8 inch display.  This makes it one of the largest smartphone screens on the market today.  Apple has stuck to the 3.5 inch display ever since it first came out in 2007.  Many tests prove that for the average persons hand a 3.5 inch phone actually fits best in the palm of their hands.

Most analysts will agree that the next iPhone, whatever size display it has, will begin production soon as potentially next month.  This would put it on pace to be released to the public in the Fall just in time for the holidays.

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