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Calgary Property Goes Up for Sale for $16 Million

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While prices have significantly dropped across the global real estate and property market, there is one piece of property in Calgary that hopes to buck the trend. The property was recently listed at just about sixteen million dollars, and the owners don’t see the price dropping any time soon.

The property is as beautiful as it is huge. It features one hundred and eighty six hectares of land, is close in proximity to the city, and most importantly, has breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains and foothills. It is due to these characteristics that the property commands such a high sale value.

The property features two residential homes, and four large business buildings. The main home on the property is roughly three thousand square feet, and the smaller home is approximately twelve hundred square feet.

This is not the first time that the property has gone up for sale, and its owners are hoping for much better results this time around. They did receive offers on the property the first time it was put up for sale, though none of them met the reserve price that they were hoping to get.

While the property is by far the most expensive that Calgary has ever seen, it is not the only one that has gone above the ten million dollar mark. In fact, there is another property currently up for sale that has an asking price of twelve million dollars. That multi-million dollar property features a French Country castle that is located on a hill towards the west of the city of Calgary.

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