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Canada’s Commercial Real Estate Market Showing Signs of Strength

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The outlooks for the real estate markets in the United States and in Canada couldn’t be more different. While the United States real estate market continues to struggle, the real estate market in Canada is gaining strength. In fact, the Canadian commercial real estate market is expected to growth nationwide over the next year.

Investors worldwide have turned their attention to Canada, whose economy remains strong even amidst global recession worries. Seventy-one percent of global investors in Canada have indicated that they have definitive plans to further invest in commercial property in the country. That number represents a ten percent increase from the previous year. Nearly every investor based in Canada plans to add to their commercial real estate portfolio in the country, with more than eighty-five percent looking to do so as early as some point the next six months.

Canada’s real estate investors have also indicated that they are willing to take greater risks when investing in commercial property as well. While investors buying commercial properties in other countries have avoided risky investments due to weak global economic expectations, those in Canada have done just the opposite, largely due to the overall strength of the national economy.

The overall outlook of Canada’s commercial real estate market couldn’t be any better, though many investors believe that commercial property prices have increased at a pace much faster than they would like. However, with the increased demand in the market, it is only natural that increased pricing in the market follows suit.

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