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Commercial Property Market on the Rise

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The United States commercial property market looks as if it is prime for strong gains. According to various commercial real estate analysts, overall investment in commercial real estate properties has demonstrated increases in the past few months.

The current historically-low interest rates, in combination with increasing profit potential, has led many investors to seriously consider entering the commercial market. As such, the sales volume for apartment buildings, retail shopping centers, and offices across the United States has increased. In fact, commercial real estate sales have increased by nearly eighteen percent in the past year.

The gains exhibited in commercial real estate sales have gone from all across the country, as investors look to add more apartment buildings to their portfolios. Investment in apartment properties has surged in comparison to the numbers from last year.

Major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago have all posted strong commercial real estate gains in the last year. New York and Boston have led all cities, though the East Coast as a whole has performed exceedingly well.

While the residential real estate market has faltered as of late, the commercial real estate market remains strong. There has clearly been sustained recovery in the commercial market since the crash in 2007.

The growth in the commercial real estate sector is expected to continue to grow, as investors look to take advantage of both the low interest rates and increasing rents. The inconsistency and struggles of the residential real estate market has actually benefitted the commercial real estate market, as more people are looking to rent instead of buy in the current market.

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