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Commercial Real Estate in Italy Displays Potential for Growth

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While Italy’s real estate market has shown minimal growth in the last five years, and the European continent faces another looming debt crisis, many analysts believe that the Italian commercial real estate market is set for moderate to strong growth in the coming years.

Analysts and investing experts believe that the Italian commercial real estate market will begin to show signs of growth in 2012, and will likely continue its positive performance for a few years to come. They believe that, as worries of another European debt crisis begin to fade, more international investors will look to Italy as an excellent place to invest in real estate.

Italian commercial real estate properties are considered at this time to be stronger than those in France and Sweden, as they currently offer more profit potential. It is that potential that will likely lure international buyers. Retail shopping centers are likely to post strong numbers, and office space will likely grow in demand in the coming years.

More shopping centers and offices are likely to be built in some of Italy’s bigger cities, making them premier choices for property investment and development in the country. While Italy’s multifamily market is not as strong as other countries, its retail and office real estate markets offer some of the best potential profits in the world.

The positive growth of Italy’s commercial real estate market will certainly bode well for the rest of Europe as well, as it will indicate a sign of recovery from the current debt crisis that has threatened the continent over the past year.

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