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Commercial Real Estate Market in Cairo Enjoys Success

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Just one year after the revolution that shocked the world, the commercial real estate market in Cairo, Egypt is starting to perform quite well. Consumer confidence in the region has grown, and many economists believe that the financial outlook of the city’s commercial real estate market is quite positive.


Head real estate executives in the region are very optimistic about further potential growth in the city’s real estate market, and believe that it could perform even better should the political issues within the country be addressed. The long-term outlook on the commercial real estate market in Cairo is overwhelmingly positive.


Economists believe that 2012 will be a year of great improvement in the commercial real estate sector in Cairo due to a number of different factors and indicators. Demand for office space is up from the previous year, particularly among petrochemical companies. The retail sector is enjoying great success, and many new stores are opening in the city. For example, both American Eagle and Pinkberry opened new stores in Egypt in 2011.


UAE and Qatari investors are showing strong interest in the city, and are pushing various projects in the retail and office sector. With their interest, Cairo is looking to be a better long-term investment than ever before. There are still a vast number of challenges, but the overall potential for growth is clear.


With Cairo Festival City planned for 2013, and a variety of other retail and office projects being readied for the next few years, growth is essentially a certainty for the Cairo commercial sector.

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