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Condo Tower in Las Vegas Set to Receive Multimillion Dollar Renovation

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In an effort to battle the bleak outlook of the real estate market in Las Vegas, one condominium complex is looking to attract new sales through an impressive renovation to the building. With one hundred and three out of three hundred and seventy-two units sold, the owners of The Martin luxury condo tower hope that a new multimillion dollar renovation to the lobby, library lounge, pool area, and business center will lead to increased sales.

The condominium tower owners are also looking to capture the attention of those wealthy individuals that may desire a weekend getaway in the city of sin. They have started planning a program that will provide transportation to and from the airport and Vegas strip in a Range Rover. They also promise to keep refrigerators stocked and fresh flowers to be present at all times, so as to provide a luxury vacation-like feel with the privacy that comes with owning the actual condominium.

Such five-star treatment is not cheap, as potential condo owners within the Martin tower can expect to spend no less than two hundred thousand dollars on a condo. The most luxurious, and state-of-the-art condos within the tower will cost potential owners as much as one and a half million dollars. Currently, roughly half of the Martin tower condo owners are fulltime residents.

Martin tower executives are very confident that the new plan will attract a plethora of new owners to the luxury complex, which has seen steady sales over the past few years, despite the overall abysmal state of the city’s real estate sector, and overall economy.

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