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Counterfeit Real Estate Property Investments On The Rise

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Duping people by showcasing fake properties is not uncommon, but from past year their percentage has been raised remarkably. Every day new cases are coming in limelight of alluring investors to doll out huge amounts on properties that are not present on earth. This forgery is not only limited to buying home section but also observed in selling area. It is noticed that some real estate agents, put false places for purchase or pressurize the clients to purchase properties that do not exist. They are somehow managing to produce fake or unreal property documents that lay the customers in wrong foot. It is seen that, these agents not only pressurize the investors on purchase but also present certain alluring offers that the client could not resist.

The main clients that have experienced this forgery describe that they have invested more than 40 crores which they realized was a lifetime loss. These agents firstly attract clients by publishing alluring advertisements in social media and afterwards they show fake sites to the clients which are already registered on the name of different investor. The chain starts with the survey of sites which ends usually after the final payment is made. It is not evident only in some parts of the globe but such cases are on striking high due to quick money involved. The matter came to surface when these clients have recorded forgery case in respective police stations. The respective governments are warning its citizens to check the reliability of the document and reach authentic people for help.


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