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Developers from Argentina See Opportunity in Europe Property Market

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While Europe struggles through the reality that a debt crisis is looming, international investors from across the world are looking at the continent as an excellent investment opportunity. One of those potential investors is Argentina’s biggest real estate developer.

The company, IRSA, or Inversiones y Representaciones, announced that it is looking for opportunities in various European countries to invest and develop properties. The company has already invested in properties in the United States, and will likely expand its presence in that struggling market as well.

The head of the Argentinean developer has made it very clear that he plans to take full advantage of the current crisis that is grappling the rest of the world. He has stated that such investments will only increase in value when the residential real estate market regains its strength.

One of the countries that IRSA is watching closely is that of Greece. Properties have fallen in Greece by more than fifteen percent from the already depressed levels seen in 2010. In the United States, the company has vamped up its investments in the Northeastern part of the United States.

Not only is IRSA looking to expand its international presence, but it also continues to gain strength domestically. In some areas of Argentina, new construction has increased by more than seventy percent. Values in those areas have increase by almost thirty percent as well. As such, Argentina’s residential real estate market is thriving.

It is not clear as to when IRSA will make its first purchase in Europe, though it is certain that they are scanning the market for excellent deals.

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