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Dubai Real Estate Investors Are Getting Smarter

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After a period of great pessimism with respect to its residential real estate market, things are finally looking up for Dubai. Much of the uncertainty and disarray often associated with an unstable residential real estate market plagued the region for the first quarter of 2011. However, the most recent outlook on the residential property market and its investors indicates that strong growth is ahead for Dubai.

No longer are investors solely looking at potential in location, but rather they are looking for existing quality and detail. As such, the investors are getting smarter by looking for properties that project guaranteed immediate growth. These investors are often considered to prime buyers, and they are expected to contribute to an anticipated six percent growth over the next year.

The most current breed of investors recognize that overall growth and profit come not from simply owning properties, but rather owning properties that have amenities, and prime location within a community. In general, such properties maintain their value, and are also most likely to experience growth.

Many of the neighborhoods and suburbs that are classified as being prime locations for residential properties have continually experienced gains in prices and sales, even during the difficult first quarter of the fiscal year.

Rent prices in prime locations have also experienced similar growth, as they have increased roughly one percent in Dubai. On the other hand, rent prices in less desirable areas have actually experienced a decrease, as they are unable to attract enough demand to meet the excess supply of rental properties.

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