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Dubai’s Real Estate Market Growing More Secure

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For many months, Dubai’s residential real estate market has struggled, as confusion regarding property ownership pushed away many potential investors. The market, which was once viewed as one of the most prominent in the world, quickly became viewed as a poor investment at best.


However, things are finally starting to look up in Dubai. It’s residential real estate market has had a positive start this year, and many analysts believe that the region is the most transparent and secure it has been since its market boom. As such, investors are now considering investing in the city’s residential real estate market once again.


Many residential real estate experts believe that the housing market in Dubai has hit its bottom, and will soon start to see sales and overall housing values increase. Property prices have fallen as much as sixty percent in most areas. The current low prices make the city a residential real estate investors dream. Many local buyers are starting to show interest in investing in the housing market.


Interested local investors currently outnumber international investors at the moment, though it is likely that those investors from Asia, Europe, and the United States all look to invest once again in Dubai in the coming months. Dubai’s economy is expected to increase roughly four and a half percent this year, which will serve to push up housing prices in the city.


While the housing market in Dubai is still one that favors buyers, sellers will soon start to reap the benefits in the near future.

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