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Economists Believe Now Is the Perfect Time to Buy in the United States

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More and more economists are starting to indicate that now is the optimal time to buy residential real estate in the United States. The market is finally starting to show legitimate signs of growth. With interest rates at their lowest point in history and prices still at low levels, residential real estate in the United States is now more affordable than ever.


It is those factors that lead real estate experts and economists to believe that the residential real estate recovery may take place earlier than expected in 2012. There are some factors that may hold off, or at least slow down the recovery for now.


The number of foreclosures is expected to increase in the coming months now that lenders and the government have settled on the robo-signing lawsuit. In addition, there is the fear that the European debt crisis may bring about serious inflation, causing mortgage rates to rise.


The housing market around the nation has seen sales increase over the last six months. In addition, prices continue to increase. Housing inventory has dropped for seventeen straight months, though that trend could reverse with the increase of foreclosures expected to hit the market.


There are still some areas of the country where the housing market continues to struggle. These areas, though, will likely begin to improve in the coming months.


With inventory dropping, prices at incredibly low levels, and mortgage rates at record low levels, economists believe that it is now the best time to buy a home in the United States.

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