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European Retail Real Estate Market Sees Strong Improvement

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The European retail real estate market continues to be a prime investment choice for property investors around the globe. Investment within the commercial property sector increased by nearly forty percent in the last quarter, and total investment sales volume is expected to reach over twenty eight billion pounds by the end of the year.

The retail market has essentially averted the overall looming debt crisis that has crippled Europe, as it has increased the last few quarters. The overall investment within the European retail real estate market is up by more than forty-five percent. It also accounted for more than thirty percent of all commercial property sales within the continent.

The largest increases in retail real estate investment continue to occur in England and Germany, though Poland and the Czech Republic have also demonstrated significant gains.

While commercial real estate experts across the globe believe that retail investments in Europe will continue to remain strong for the fourth quarter, they are also expressing uncertainty as to the prospects of the market for the following year. The overall uncertainty in the European financial market leads many analysts to believe that investors will soon act on the side of caution when it comes to investing, particularly in the real estate market.

The majority of the commercial real estate sectors have had investment performance stall over the past few months. The retail sector, though, has remained an exception, as it has proven to be a surer, safer bet than the other markets. However, with performance expected to soon stall, it has yet to be seen which markets will continue to attract investors at the current level.

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