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Florida Real Estate Sales Show Growth

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Despite predictions that Florida’s residential real estate market would likely struggle over the next year, the state’s overall sales increased by more than twelve percent in the third quarter. The state’s numbers were bolstered by the city of Miami, which continues to experience incredible overall growth.

Both condo and home sales are up in the state of Florida, as more than forty-six thousand homes sold during the third quarter. That number is more than five thousand more than the number sold last year during the same time period. The overall sales price on homes remained level with what it was last year.

The growth in sales, and the overall stagnation of sale prices is very good news for Florida’s residential real estate market. While the increases are definitely positive news for the state of Florida, analysts are cautious about celebrating. In fact, many analysts believe that the overall growth is much slower than what it should be, and that the market has not experienced the tremendous growth that would be expected when rising out of a recession.

Analysts believe that the numbers should be far greater, particularly with the fact that mortgage loan rates are at historically low levels. Despite the overall pessimistic attitudes of real estate analysts, real estate agents are generally pleased with the data from the most recent quarterly report. For those agents, any sign of growth is good news, and Florida’s growth in the third quarter was one of the strongest in the nation as a whole.

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