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Foreign Investors Buying Properties in the Bahamas

Foreign Investors Buying Properties in the Bahamas
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The Bahamas is quickly becoming a popular choice among foreign investors, who are now accounting for the majority of property transactions in the country. A strong majority of the international buyers are coming from Canada, according to various reports.

While international investors, which account now for fifty percent of overall buyers, are providing a very nice boost to the country’s real estate market and economy, there are some analysts that worry that the lack of local buyers may eventually come to hurt the country.

One of the more popular choices among international investors is that of the New Providence gated community. Real estate analysts believe that many local buyers are missing out on the properties in this community, which are only expected to increase in value. Prices in the community are expected to increase two to three percent minimally per year. As such, many international investors are purchasing the units now through cash sales in order to take advantage of the low prices.

Real estate investors from Canada are not the only international buyers purchasing property in the Bahamas. Many Chinese investors are now also looking to invest in various communities within the island country.

While there is concern that the majority of buyers are, in fact, international investors, many real estate analysts point to the fact that many new local professionals have not yet reached a salary point that will allow them to purchase any of the new gated properties. Furthermore, lending restrictions are getting more stringent, making it tougher for young professionals to secure a loan large enough to afford such properties.

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