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German Retail Real Estate Is Top Pick for European Investors

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With Germany looking more and more like the safest real estate market in Europe, many investors are opting to invest in the country’s retail real estate market. The German retail real estate market was chosen as this year’s number one real estate investment option in Europe.

By choosing the German commercial property sector as the top investment choice, it is clear that investors are continuing to act in favor of investing options that involve the least amount of risk. Many analysts believe that Germany is the European country most likely to get through a continental-wide recession without harm.

Consumer spending continues to be strong in Germany, which is why many investors are targeting retail properties such as large shopping centers. It is those properties that are most likely to provide the most reliable return.

Following Germany on the list were the countries of the Scandinavia region. Their retail real estate sector was selected as the number two pick by investors for investment in the next year. The office market in the region came in at number three.

The United Kingdom, which has enjoyed multiple years of great success fell out of the top five after reports indicated that the market may be on the decline in the next year. Much of the United Kingdom has faced struggles for the past year and a half, though London’s prime market has seen incredible growth. However, the most recent reports indicate that not even London’s prime market will be able to avoid the anticipated losses in the coming year.

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