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Homeowners Insurance: Dog Bites Account For A Big Bill

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Average Homeowners Insurance claims for dog bites have gone up 53% in the past 8 years according to recent data from the Insurance Information Institute.  Insurance companies shelled out over $479 million in just dog bite claims in the US.  The average cost for a dog bite claim is now at $29,396 after reviewing 2011 data.  This is compared to only about $19,164 in 2004 for dog bite claims.  So what is making the average claim go up so much recently?  More dogs, closer living, and more expensive advanced medical care coverage.

Statistically the reasons that dog bite claims are going up makes sense.  Our population is going up and our society is becoming more and more urbanized with new sub divisions popping up everywhere in the rural US. Dog owners are also increasing with our own population size.  The most recent numbers show that there is 1 dog now for every 4 Americans.  That puts the numbers of canines at a little over 78 million.

Access to advanced medical care is also driving up the cost of dog bite claims.  Plastic Surgeons are more accessible then they have ever been.  More and more hospitals and clinics adding more advanced medical devices and systems thus making expensive medical care more available than ever before.

So does your homeowners insurance cover dog bites?  For some insurance companies that depends on the dog breed that you own.  Most insurance companies still go off a list compiled by the Centers of Disease Control compiled many years ago for dog bites.  These breeds include Pit Bulls, Huskies, German Shepherds, Rottweilers and others.  It is highly recommended you contact your local insurance agent that provides your homeowners insurance and find out if they do indeed cover your dog breed.  Since dog bites account for over 33% of all homeowners insurance liability claims, getting informed on what your insurance covers or doesn’t cover can save you tens of thousands of dollars in an unfortunate accident.

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