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Housing Prices in Turkey on the Rise

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Turkey’s residential real estate market continues to show strong signs of growth. The housing market increased one percent in the last month, and finished 2011 up ten percent from the previous year. The market is expected to continue rising into 2012.

Rental prices are also on the rise in Turkey, indicating that the real estate market is very healthy. Rents increased by roughly one percent across all of Turkey. With rents on the rise, and the market growing stronger, many investors are now looking to Turkey for their next investment property purchase. Despite the increases in pricing over the last year, properties are still very affordable, increasing the allure of the Turkish real estate market.

While many countries around the globe are faced with troubled economies, Turkey’s economy continues to gain strength. It is for that reason that many analysts believe that the nation’s residential real estate market will continue to see price increases through 2012.

The strong economy and rising housing market are both proving to be highly beneficial to developers, as their workload continues to increase. More development work is springing up across the country, and private landlords and the government alike are seeking to improve overall infrastructure in city centers.

Turkey’s coastlines also offer international investors a highly desirable and affordable vacation destination. Even along the coastline, properties are still relatively affordable for now, though prices will likely continue increasing throughout the next year. Analysts believe that now is the perfect time to buy into the Turkish residential real estate market due to strong immediate and long-term expectations for price increases.

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