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International Buyers Continue to Buy Florida Properties

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The state of Florida continues to be a prime target for international investors looking to buy real estate in the United States. Canadians constitute the majority of buyers, as they purchased roughly forty percent of properties bought by international investors in the last year.

Other nations from around the world, including Brazil, Germany, Venezuela, Colombia, and Argentina also purchased a significant amount of property in the state. In total, international buyers spent nearly thirteen billion dollars on residential real estate in the past year.

The majority of properties sold to international buyers are being sold to investors who don’t necessarily plan to reside in the homes purchased. In fact, it is estimated that over eighty five percent of homes purchased by international buyers were acquired with intentions to invest. Many of the transactions were also completed in cash. Because many homeowners and banks prefer cash sales, international investors are being sought after more than ever before.

International investors believe residential real estate in Florida to potentially be a highly profitable means of investment. Many of the properties sold to international buyers are in South Florida, as rising rents and an improved commercial real estate market make for almost guaranteed profits.

The state of Florida has been the preferred location for international investors, as twenty-six percent of properties sold to international buyers nationwide are located in the state. Furthermore, more than a quarter of homes sold to international investors in Florida can be found in Miami and other south Florida cities. Fort Lauderdale, and Tampa have also seen rising numbers of international buyers in recent months.




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