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International Investors Look to Paris Real Estate Market

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The residential real estate market is becoming a popular target for investment among foreign buyers. The city has established a reputation as a safe haven for investment, and investors across the world are taking advantage.


It should not come as a surprise that in the past year, buyers from the United Kingdom, Italy, and Germany made up the majority of property buyers in Paris. However, analysts are taking note of the increases in interest seen in buyers from other parts of the world, specifically the Middle East, Russia, and other Asian countries.


While the residential real estate market in Paris did take a small dip towards the end of 2011, the city’s property market posted strong results during the first half of the year. Many economists believe that those strong results will pick back up again in 2012, making it a clear choice for investment by international buyers.


There are many reasons as to why Paris is being viewed as a safe haven. No longer are international investors looking for a quick turnaround on their money. Rather than look for short-term capital, they are instead looking for wealth preservation. The prime residential real estate market in Paris offers just that. Prime properties are typically less expensive in Paris than in London, and they typically tend to retain, or gradually grow in value.


In addition to being a safe investment option, Paris is also attractive to international buyers in that it offers them the opportunity to take advantage of the beauty that the city has to offer whenever they’d like.

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