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International Investors Target London’s West End

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Domestic buyers have dominated London’s West End residential real estate market for the last year, as the majority of international investors have focused on the prime areas of the city. In fact, more than sixty percent of the buyers of West End properties have been from the United Kingdom.

However, that trend appears to be slowly reversing, as more international property investors are looking at the West End for possible rental properties. Demand has continued to rise on the West End, largely due to the fact that there are a number of universities in the area. Many international students tend to live in the area, coming primarily from such countries as Greece, Italy. Students from various Asian countries tend to rent properties on the West End as well.

With the number of international students renting properties on the West End steadily increasing, many investors from the represented countries are looking to purchase residential rental properties in the area. Investors from both Italy and Greece, two nations that have been hit hard by the global financial crisis, have become very active when it comes to buying properties in the area.

Although international investors are starting to gain ground when it comes to buying properties on the West End, homebuyers from the United Kingdom continue to remain the dominant buyers. The majority of domestic buyers are looking to purchase one to two bedroom properties. However, with limited supply, and increasing demand from international investors, property values are increasing more than anticipated. Residential real estate experts are not quite certain as to how the West End property market will shape up in the next year, though they note that rising prices may benefit rich international investors looking to buy into the United Kingdom.

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