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Investors See Opportunity in Ecuador Market

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The residential real estate market in Ecuador is garnering attention from investors, despite the tumultuous political situation in the region. Although the president and his government have not been overly popular in the media, the economy of the country has demonstrated tremendous growth in the past year.


More people are moving towards the bigger cities, including Quito and Guayaquil. As a result, there has been great growth in the nation’s infrastructure. The strong boost in ecotourism has also helped to create positive growth in the national economy.


The improving economy and rapidly growing real estate industry has given international investors reason to watch the progress of Ecuador far more closely than they had previously. While there is no specific housing index used in Ecuador to track home sales, prices are typically monitored through the costs of housing construction. The rise in construction costs usually transfers over to the residential real estate sales market.


There are two other factors that may also be having a significant impact on the housing market. There has been a recent boom in the number of Americans opting to retire in some Ecuadorian cities. Additionally, low interest rates have made the market very affordable and attractive to both domestic and international investors.


Ecuador had, at one point, suffered from serious economic difficulties. During the 90s, Ecuador lost almost seventy percent of its foreign exchange value. Since then, the market has gained strength. Its economy had a nearly six percent growth in 2011, and is expected to maintain that performance in 2012.

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