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Jakarta Housing Market Sees Strong Growth

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The residential real estate market in Jakarta experienced the greatest growth of all housing markets in Asia in the past year. Housing prices increased by fourteen percent in the region.

The significant increase was largely due to Indonesia’s strong economy. Many analysts believe that the market will continue to grow throughout 2012, as more and more investors look to invest in the country’s real estate market.

The residential real estate market across Asia has been the topic of debate for the last six months, as analysts and investors continue to debate the restrictions imposed by the Chinese government. Those restrictions caused residential real estate prices in Shanghai and Beijing to experience declines in the past year. Those declines will likely continue in 2012.

Hong Kong and Singapore also experienced declines in their residential real estate prices for the same reasons. Both regions have seen banks tightened credit, and their governments impose restrictive measures against the residential real estate market.

Jakarta, on the other hand, has not been subjected to housing restrictions. It is for that reason that the city, and Indonesia’s real estate market as a whole, has experienced substantial growth.

Analysts believe that Jakarta will continue to outperform other Asian cities throughout the next year. It is for that reason that many investors are targeting the city as a very opportunistic area in the short term, and quite possibly the long term.

It has yet to be seen whether or not Hong Kong, China, and Singapore will ease their property restrictions, though until they do, Jakarta will certainly reap the benefits.

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