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Keller Williams Realty Looks to Expand City Presence

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Keller Williams Realty has completed a deal that will expand their current office space by over twenty-two thousand square feet. The company recently acquired 555 Madison Avenue, which was once the home of Tiffany and Company. Keller Williams Realty looks to eventually have as many as one thousand real estate brokers in New York City, and this move reflects the company’s intentions of reaching that goal.

The new office space will allow for up to three hundred brokers, thus bringing the company a third of the way towards its goal of one thousand in the next five years. The new location will not replace the company headquarters, which will still remain in the Trump Tower. Keller Williams has announced that the new location, which will open on October 1, will house only their sales division for now. However, there are plans to eventually add a rental division.

Keller Williams Realty is looking to take advantage of the opportunities available in the New York City market. They believe that by bringing enough brokers to New York City, the company will be able to vastly expand upon their current portfolio.

The realty company is, in many respects, very unique to its competitors. Its sales model gives brokers the opportunity to earn as much as one hundred percent of their commission. In order to reach the one hundred percent level, the broker must have earned the company fifty thousand dollars. For potential Manhattan brokers, reaching the fifty thousand mark could happen in one sale.

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