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Key Housing Markets See Improvement

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As the United States approaches the 2012 presidential election, there is a bit of good news coming from the residential real estate front. The most recent reports indicate that the housing market in key states around the U.S. is seeing sustainable improvement. That is great news for the current administration.

A recent poll analyzed the housing market in the ten major battleground states, including Florida, Arizona, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and others. In one of the key states, home prices rose by more than two percent statewide, with areas that feature key voting blocks jumping by as much as six percent.

Ohio has seen both its sales and home prices increase by almost nine percent. The residential real estate market in Iowa jumped by almost eighteen percent from one year ago. With the increases, many are confident that the housing market is on its way back.

The performance of the housing market is considered to be a major factor in determining overall market health. As the residential real estate market performs strongly, it is believed that the economy will also pick up and perform well. Many also believe that a housing market weakened by foreclosures actually holds back any kind of economic recovery.

While the ten battleground states referenced do completely reflect the performance of the nationwide housing market, they are pretty accurate. Furthermore, it is those states that will have the greatest influence of the election results come November. If the market continues to show improvement, particularly in the battleground states, the current administration will likely perform well in its attempt for reelection.

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