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Kuwait Real Estate Market Improving

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The real estate market in Kuwait is finally showing some positive signs of growth. In the nation’s most recent reports, the numbers for apartment leasing and ownership increased substantially over last year. This increase in numbers has provided for a very impressive return on investment, which is a major indication as to the health of the real estate market.

The strong improvement in numbers has been attributed to the low interest rates that that attracted many investors to consider putting their money into the real estate market. While details of the numbers have not yet been released publicly, real estate experts believe that the nation is experiencing a residential real estate boom that will continue at least into the coming year.

While residential properties are growing in value, and have become the ideal choice for most investors, commercial properties continue to struggle in Kuwait. No exact reason has been cited for the less than adequate performance of the commercial property market, though analysts believe it is due to the costs of maintaining commercial property far outweigh any value to be gained through ownership.

With strong demand and performance within the residential real estate market, there is hope among the Kuwaiti government that the commercial real estate market could soon improve. However, the government must first look into helping businesses and investors cut down on the costs of commercial property ownership. Experts believe that one of the first costs for commercial property owners that should be analyzed is that of taxes. New tax laws have made such properties more costly than ever before, and have contributed to the troubles seen in that sector.

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