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Leading Economists Believe It’s the Perfect Time to Buy

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As the residential real estate market continues to show signs of stabilization and even growth, economists are more confident than ever that now is the perfect time to buy a home. Homebuyers have seen this kind of optimism before, only to see the market slip into a further descent. Economists, however, insist that the current climate is different.

The economy and job market are finally showing real signs of consistent growth. Additionally, residential real estate markets that have seen the greatest struggles in recent years have posted a few consecutive months of stabilization and improvement.

Housing inventories across the country are declining, giving buyers fewer choices when buying. As a result, realtors are seeing more bidding wars and higher sale prices. The low mortgage rates are also a major factor that is contributing to the belief that now is the ideal time to buy a home. Housing is now more affordable than it has been in years, and possibly even decades.

Reports from the most prestigious analysts indicate that it is actually cheaper to buy a home than to rent one in ninety-eight percent of the major markets in the United States.

Investors are taking serious advantage of the current situation, and are buying homes whenever and wherever they can. They will be able to rent out the homes for a sizeable profit, and then sell the homes when the market starts to show tremendous signs of growth.

For homebuyers, it is better to buy now than in a few years when the prices start to skyrocket. While some realize that, others continue to wait when they should be buying.

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