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Leave and License Agreement Shrinking Markets?

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The real estate market around Mumbai is the main player of estate game in India but this potential hub is experiencing bad days as investors are running away from investing in properties situated in Mumbai. When the reason is searched it is evident that investors of this area like to go for a leave and license type agreement. This arrangement governs the owner of property to do anything that he contrives to on his stable property. Secondly, it allows the consumer to stay on the property for particular time in opposite of small money paid initially. The turf between investors and developers is on this point as developers are not ready to make such type of agreement when consumers are not ready to adjust on it either. This governs large amount of freedom to the consumers on their properties which is the most important factor in this behavior.

The builders that are compromising on this arrangement are seen popular on client quotient as maximum number of registrations are made by leave and license type arrangement only. Even though there are certain restrictions in such arrangements over the stay, such as limitations in the granted time and so on but still the demand is on constant rise for making leave agreement. Some realty analysts are predicting a striking decrease in the investments made without the clause of such agreement. It can conclude to great extent that the shrinking of markets owes great part to the demand of investors for leave and license agreement.


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