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Luxury Homes in London Continue to Rise in Value

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The average sale price of luxury homes in the central part of London has reached its highest level in nine months according to the most recent reports. The increasing price of homes in the area signifies the rising interest of the world’s wealthiest to invest in the area.

With much of the world suffering from the global recession, many investors see the central London properties as a safe bet. Furthermore, the pound has lost value in comparison to the currency of other developed nations. That fact alone makes taking up residence in the area a very attractive option for wealthy individuals around the globe.

Unlike the real estate market in the United States and other parts of the world, central London hasn’t been adversely affected with the threat of a double-dip recession. Even with recent reports of riots and turmoil in the city, wealthy global investors are extremely interested in buying properties in the area. In fact, properties in central London have seen an increase in price only matched by the value increases of gold.

The rise in sales and prices of luxury homes in central London has given the city’s real estate market a much-needed boost. Since the peak of the real estate crash in March of 2009, the housing market has since seen property values increase over thirty five percent. Rents have also gone up in the same period of time.

The city of London is hopeful that the current housing trend will continue. Analysts believe that it will as long as foreign investors continue to see it as a stable and secure investment opportunity.

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