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Major Tennessee Estate to be Auctioned off by Concierge Auctions

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A home previous listed for two million dollars is being auctioned off in Knoxville, Tennessee through Concierge Auctions. The property, which is located on Shinnecock Lane features incredible ironwork, and indoor pool, and is over seven thousand square feet in size.

The massive estate was once listed for nearly two million dollars, but sat unsold.

As the residential real estate market in the United States continues to struggle, more and more luxury homeowners are opting to sell their properties through auctions. A strong majority of these homes have sat on the market unsold for many months. As such, property owners are looking to auctions for a quick sale, even if it means taking less money than they had initially hoped.

With a new buy it now price short of one and a half million dollars, the owners of this Tennessee estate have decided to follow the path of many others in accepting less money than they originally wanted.

The property is considered to be one of the nicest in Tennessee, with a huge home that features five bedrooms, incredible views, and ceilings that may be opened during summer months. The property also features a guesthouse that can be used for visiting family and friends.

Located in the college-town of Knoxville, the property should attract some major bidders, and could potentially hit the buy it now price. Concierge is also auctioning off two other properties adjacent to this Tennessee estate, thus creating the opportunity for the buyer to have a massive estate in the southern state.

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