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More Asian Investors Buying Offices in Central London

More Asian Investors Buying Offices in Central London
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London office properties are looking more attractive than ever to many Asian investors. Asian buyers have more than doubled the amount the amount of money that they have invested in the past year. In 2011, they spent roughly one billion seven hundred million pounds on office property investments, up one billion dollars from the total figure of six hundred sixty-eight million pounds that was spent in 2010.

The large increase in spending played a role in the increase in the group’s market share. Asian buyers accounted for sixteen percent of total investment volume in 2011.

International investors dominated the Central London office sector, as sixty percent of investment volume came from buyers outside of the United Kingdom. Analysts believe that the surge in Asian investment volume is largely due to capital coming from pension funds in Malaysia and Ultra High Net Worth investors from various Asian countries.

The growing interest of Asian investors in the central London commercial real estate sector is expected to continue into 2012. Analysts believe that investment volumes in such markets will further increase beyond twenty percent of total market share.

The majority of these Asian investors believe that central London offers a safe long-term investment that will provide high-income returns. There are already reports circulating that large offers for properties under the ownership of other foreign investors have been made in 2012. More of such offers can be expected throughout the next year.

The surge in Asian investors has played a major role in separating the central London office market from the struggles faced by commercial real estate properties outside of the city.

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