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Multifamily Homes Remain Top Choice of Investors

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There has no property market more successful recently in the United States than that of the multifamily housing. The multifamily housing market has continued to post strong numbers despite downturns in every other sector. As a result, seventy-five percent of major investment groups have increased their stakes in multifamily holdings.

Multifamily housing has quickly become known as a safe investment for many of the major investors within the United States. While other sectors struggled to maintain their mortgage debt numbers during the third fiscal quarter, multifamily mortgage date increased by more than eight hundred billion dollars.

The investment groups that have the largest shares of multifamily property mortgages are that of GSE and MBS. These two agencies hold more than forty percent of multifamily home mortgage debt. Other major investors in the multifamily property sector include banks, life insurance companies, and state and local governments.

GSE and MBS, and life insurance companies all shown the strongest increase in multifamily mortgage holdings during the third quarter. Both groups increased their shares by nearly two percent.

As typical residential real estate sales and prices continue to struggle nationwide, multifamily housing is expected to continue its unprecedented growth. With more people opting to rent instead of buy, the multifamily housing market is considered to be a very safe investment, as it essentially provides a guaranteed return.

There has been no clear indication as to how long the market will continue to thrive. However, analysts believe that it will continue to do so as long as there is the slightest bit of uncertainty within the residential real estate market.

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