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Mumbai Real Estate Market Posts Strong Results

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The residential real estate market in Mumbai continues to be one of the strongest in the world. The financial capital of India has posted an impressive growth of eighty-seven percent in residential real estate prices over the last four years.


During the same time period, the majority of other major cities around the world have posted increases of just forty-three percent. As Mumbai continues to post incredibly strong real estate sales results, it has established itself as one of the premier markets in the world. The financial capital of India now ranks as the third most promising investment market.


One of the major reasons for Mumbai’s real estate success is that there is a great deal of demand in the region. The demand can largely be attributed to the lack of supply. With limited supply in the amount of available land on which homes can be built, the prices of land have soared in recent years.


Infrastructure in Mumbai is also expanding quite rapidly, making it a logical investment choice among domestic and foreign buyers. With a new airport, a monorail system, and a metro all being constructed, the city is becoming a hotbed for investment activity.


Mumbai’s growing economy has had a tremendous impact on the growth of the residential real estate market. Investors all over the world are looking to take advantage of the financial opportunities that can be found in the city. As more businesses look to establish offices and factories in Mumbai, it is very likely that the city will continue its strong economic and real estate growth.

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