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Obama Announces New Foreclosure Measures

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President Obama is set to make an assertive push to resolve the foreclosure crisis that continues to plague the United States. Administration officials have stated that the measures will be his strongest push to resolve the crisis since the opening months of his presidency.


The latest measures will benefit members of the military, as well as citizens that have government-issued mortgages. Many elements of these latest measures were previously rejected by the administration, as they were considered to be precarious, or simply impossible.


However, as the foreclosure crisis continues to linger, the government has decided to take a chance with the measures in hopes that the current issues can be resolved.


These new measures are the latest in a barrage of plans set forth by the Obama administration in the last few months. The administration has also enacted plans that would help millions of Americans to refinance their mortgages and reduce their debts. In addition, the most recent plans have helped more borrowers qualify for government aid.


While the housing crisis was only minimally mentioned over the last four years, it has become a key area of focus in the last few months. The most recent actions are likely due to the criticism faced by the administration, which claimed that the government has been slow to act in attempting to resolve the housing crisis that has crippled the nation.


While some of the new measures have once been labeled risky, many officials and economists are now in favor of them, as they may offer a potential solution to the troubled housing market.

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