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Online Real Estate Citations Decrease

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According to a survey conducted on investors and developers, it is seen that online advertisements published by developers did not help in garnering mass attention of prospective clients for investments of real estate sector. Previously, customers were used to follow the advertisements and were showing keen interest in purchase of residential or commercial properties there. Nowadays, due to increased rate of corruption and forgery they have turned blind eye towards the alluring offers published by developers.  If asked the popular media that they follow for prospective investment options, local newspaper was the mass response. It is true that all American developers are abided with the law that they have to publish advertisements in online media for mass attraction but the effect these used to create is steeply dying.

If asked about the most chosen way to go for an investment to the investors then they have relied on known sources or reviews from known people. Many have voted out for known real estate agents that hole significant positive reviews from close relatives. Still, some percentages of buyers follow online advertisements but are worried at the same time about the decision. This all can be blamed on lack of transparency from developer’s side or some raise in the cases of forgery from con builders that has left buyers helpless. Many governments are also contemplating on the thought of lifting the law to some extent that forces developers to publish online. This too involves risk as the percentage of followers will be lost with this decision. Overall, it is evident that the trust factor of investors in online media is diminishing relatively.


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