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Outlook on UK Housing Market Improves Despite Fears Over Job Security

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The overall perspective of citizens of the United Kingdom regarding the nation’s housing market has grown more positive in the past month. More than forty percent of the people in the United Kingdom believe that the housing market will see increasing prices and values in 2012.


In some areas, more than fifty percent of people think that the housing market will see improvements in pricing in the next year. Many potential homeowners also are considering the current market conditions ideal for buying a new home.


Only in Wales were the vast majority of people pessimistic regarding the performance of the housing market. Less than thirty percent believe that the housing market will show an improvement in pricing.


The overall improvement in the expectations regarding the performance of the housing market is intriguing, as many people are more worried than ever before about job security. More than half the citizens of the United Kingdom are in fear that they may lose their job in the next year or two.


Despite the belief that the market will post an improvement in pricing, only seventeen percent of citizens are looking to buy property in the United Kingdom.


The overall outlook on the job market typically tends to influence the outlook on the housing market. Many economists are intrigued by the data collected with respect to the people’s belief of an improving housing market despite fears related to job security. The average expectation is that a poor job outlook will typically lead to massive declines in housing prices.

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