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Pakistani Government Banning Property Purchases

Pakistani Government Banning Property Purchases
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The government of Pakistan has decided that all landlords and estate agents must register themselves with NADRA along with all necessary credentials and documents before making any property investment and decision to sale and purchase the property occurring in Pakistan. The party must also need to register with the area police station before taking any type of decision regarding real estate and property matters.

The notification which has been issued by the provincial government says that all the property dealers and individuals who are renting a property must need to verify their credentials before making any further decision. According to Mr. Sharfudin Memon, Sindh home department advisor, it is a better thought which was necessary to implement for the people buying real estate properties especially in main stream.

“This implementation will help the government to maintain the data tenants of Karachi and nearby areas. This does not mean to harass people but the rule has just passed for the sake of the people of Pakistan to save themselves from the attack of evil motives who were involved in the PNS Mehran attacks”.

Mr. Sharfuddin expressed these ideas in front of the Daily DAWN news paper group. According to a survey report arranged by the home department, some real estate dealers were found involved in dealing with the brokers without any proper verification of their government NIC and other credentials.

Therefore, it is very much expected that still there are some criminals who want to destroy the country and make it worst than ever. According to the government, the plan was necessary to implement so that the whole country could be saved and protected from the criminal’s hands.


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