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Prime Regions in France Considered Safe Haven by Investors

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The residential real estate markets of France’s prime cities continue to post strong numbers. The increases in the market are largely due to the deep pockets of the world’s wealthiest, which view France as being a safe haven real estate investment.


The French market has been relatively strong over the last few months, and prime areas of the country have seen solid prices and growth in sales. The Alps region, in general, has performed very well, with neighboring Monaco also experiencing residential real estate growth.


Monaco’s success can be attributed to a new law that reduces the registration tax for those individuals that are purchasing property. The reduction in tax makes it an even more attractive option for wealthy homebuyers.


With several new housing developments in the works for the region as a whole, many economists and real estate analysts believe that the housing market throughout the Alps will continue to post impressive results for the coming year.


The tax-friendly nature of Monaco makes it one of the most popular places for real estate investors. As such, more people are looking to buy homes in the region. Real estate websites have reported an unprecedented growth in the total search volume for properties in the region, particularly in homes valued at over one million Euros.


The region’s growth reflects an overall return of consumer confidence in the global residential real estate market. Investors from around the world are coming back to real estate, likely in hopes of catching the bottom of the market before it begins to experience incredibly strong price increases.

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