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Property Market Looks Strong in Oman for 2012

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The nation of Oman is set to have a very strong year in terms of real estate performance in 2012. As the nation’s economy continues to gain strength of high oil prices, both home sales and sale prices are expected to increase.

While Oman typically has had a fairly substantial supply of available homes, the majority of buyers are willing to pay more for a property that has been well maintained. In fact, buyers are even willing to sacrifice total space and size to ensure that they purchase a higher quality residential property.

Oman’s residential real estate market has been marked over the past few years as one in which buyers will wait to buy until their ideal property becomes available on the market. However, as sellers are starting to recognize the wants and needs of buyers, many analysts expect the next year to be a strong one for overall residential real estate sales.

Investors have already purchased many of the prime properties in commercial real estate. While there are still a wide variety of moderately high-end commercial properties still on the market, it appears that many investors are waiting for new prime properties to be built before committing to make a purchase. More prime properties are expected to go up for sale shortly, and they will likely command a premium price from eager investors.

The office sector of commercial real estate in Oman continues to remain strong, and will likely maintain its performance throughout 2012. While prime office space property is considered to be ideal among investors, many have settled on more moderately high-end properties. As such, the office market has been a consistent performer.

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