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Quee Chadwick Killed By Real Estate Investor Peter Chadwick?

Peter Chadwick in court
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Peter Chadwick in court

It isn’t confirmed without a shadow of a doubt that Peter Chadwick was the killer of Quee Chadwick but police have confirmed Quee Chadwick is dead. The Newport Beach Police Department was quoted telling CBS Los Angeles, “We responded out to the home and found evidence of a possible struggle or foul play. The investigation has revealed that Quee Chadwick is definitely a victim of homicide and although her body has not been located, we are currently searching the areas we believe Mr. Chadwick may have traveled.”

Prosecuters on the case against the Real Estate investor seemed to be pretty certain there was a murder. The Daily Pilot had interviewed one of the Chadwick’s neighbors who said that Quee Chadwick could be heard screaming. The screaming coming from the Chadwick’s house came around 6:30am or 7am Monday or Tuesday. Regardless the neighbor, Yulianna Nikulina said, “Peter [was] always nice, nothing wrong, nothing special. I can only tell you good things about this couple.”

The drama started to unfold when another neighbor noticed the Chadwick’s kids were waiting for a long time at the bus stop. The neighbor that saw the kids waiting called police and alerted them. It was at this point that police went to the multi-million dollar house and noticed there had been a struggle and possible signs of a murder scene.

When Peter Chadwick was attempted to be located he was nowhere to be found. Quee Chadwick was also missing at the scene and anywhere else police searched. By Thursday in the morning police in San Diego got a break in the case when Peter Chadwick called them for a reason that police will not reveal. Mr. Chadwick was soon located on a highway that wasn’t far from the Tijuana border.

Today Peter Chadwick faced a judge and pleaded not guilty. Mr. Chadwick was on a $1.5 million dollar bond and still remains in jail. It has been reported that Mr. Chadwick is charged with a felony count of murder for financial gain. The details of the case will most likely soon unfold as Mr. Chadwick faces a trial.

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