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Ratings for New York Real Estate Brokers Added to StreetEasy

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In an effort to help those in New York that are looking to rent or buy a new home, the popular real estate website, StreetEasy, has added a new and innovative feature to their already highly regarded service. The new feature is designed to help both buyers and sellers identify the best real estate agents in their area to make the home buying, renting, and selling processes much easier than ever before.

While other websites, such as Trulia, offer a variety of different services that are similar to StreetEasy, none of them have real estate broker ratings as detailed as StreetEasy’s new addition. Not only does the new service provide rankings for every real estate broker in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but it also gives such information as the broker’s previous sales, and what listings they have available. Finally, the service also offers a comparison chart that provides details on which real estate brokers are the best at retaining a home’s value against its actual initial asking price.

StreetEasy’s paid premium service, which includes the new ratings feature, carries a monthly cost of $10, and has single-handedly saved past, present, and future homeowners, and renters a significant amount of time and money. With the new feature, the information that was once only available to brokers is now available to every member of StreetEasy, thus putting the power in the hands of consumers instead of brokers. StreetEasy certainly adds a new element to the real estate market, and many potential homebuyers and real estate brokers alike are hopeful that it will provide at least a minimal boost to the residential real estate market in New York City.

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