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Real Estate Enjoying Solar Power Plants

Real Estate Enjoying Solar Power Plants
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The use of solar power plants before two decades was considered one of the toughest decisions ever but now it is given a second thought. The LIPA’s alternative rebate on solar energy has made them attach the grids to the roof tops and to generate tax credits. In this way working with the authorities the power grid has become popular these days.

Even though there is an opportunity to tie in the grid there are still limitations to this. Some of the limitations can be an electric line cannot be drawn to a boat out in the middle of a sea. It is also hectic to have the electric supply run on a car.

The power authorities reported that even they cannot make complete use of the solar power from the grids. This is because the power is generated only when there is bright sunshine reflecting on the surface of the solar panels listed at the top of the home roofs.

Gray Minnick who was considered as one of the first solar providers at the East end in the year 1979 said that though the project of Long Island to go along with the grid tie ins were on a big push, they are generally going to wind up with going off the grid as it is being used more.

He also mentioned that after a certain period of time, the grid would generate more solar energy, more than the utility can make use of. Some of the off the grid systems are used to store the energy in the form of batteries.

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