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Real Estate Home Median Prices Sometimes Correlate With Super Bowl Appearances

Super Bowl Real Estate Prices
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Super Bowl Real Estate Prices

The big game is almost upon us and the excitement and buzz around the Super Bowl is all around. While many new Super Bowl advertisements and even some controversy surrounding them is typically the hot item, we found one story at that had us pretty intrigued. It seems that a peculiar trend in the data of median home prices shows that higher median home values more often than not lead to a Super Bowl team.

Lucky for you, there is an infographic to help you sort through all the information. Essentially what the data says when all Super Bowls were analyzed along with median home prices it started to reveal the high priced home theory. If you look at teams that have went to the Super Bowl the most, 7 of those cities are actually cities that have high home prices. The home median prices were compared to the national median home price.

So you’re probably wondering, what about the 10 teams that have went to the Super Bowl the least? Well, that is where the data keeps the anomaly going. Of the 10 NFL Teams that have went to the Super Bowl the least, most of them have low median home prices when compared to the nation median home price.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t all work out like perfect Real Estate magic with the data always working out to fit the theory. Some exceptions to the rule are NFL teams like Green Bay Packers, Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers which are in the Super Bowl a lot. With as much as these NFL teams make it to the Super Bowl their median home values aren’t too hot.

There’s more teams in the National Football League that don’t fit into the high home value and high Super Bowl appearance correlation. Unfortunately, one of the teams is a team I root for a lot, the San Diego Chargers. The Chargers have one of the highest home median prices and they’ve only been graced with a Super Bowl appearance once. I know, I’m upset about it too. The other team that has high home values but has only been to the Super Bowl once is the Seattle Seahawks.

So as excited as we got, the fun analysis of real estate values and Super Bowl teams coinciding together has fell apart. There does still seem to be some truth to the whole thing and you can’t beat telling someone about this possibility at the water cooler! You can view the Super Bowl Appearances vs. Real Estate Prices infographic below:

Do cities with higher home prices make more Super Bowl appearances

Super Bowl Appearances vs. Real Estate Prices

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