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Realtor Arrested For Having Ties With Marijuana Growing Operations

Realtor Arrested Grow Operation
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Realtor Arrested Grow Operation

A marijuana growing operation had wide reaching effects from London to Ontario and was coordinated by a realtor. The realtor was arrested by police after an 18 month investigation for being part of a grow-op network that facilitated purchases of houses on the market for growing operations.

The realtor’s name was Thu Tran who worked for Sutton Group Preferred Realty of London and had a license with the Real Estate Council of Ontario.

The connection started to fall together after a series of marijuana grower busts by police. With some investigation police and others started to notice that homes that were being busted for grow operations were often sold by Thu Tran, the grow-op realtor of choice. The first person to really notice this connection was the owner of Sutton Group Preferred Realty, Gerry Weir. Mr. Weir was told not to terminate the realtor until an investigation was final so that they could properly prosecute Ms. Tran.

In all it was reported in the London Community News that Thu Tran was the seller of a minimum of eight houses that were busted for marijuana grow operations. The houses were all in different parts of the city and were not necessarily related by location. The new crackdown is to kill off connections from realtors that are assisting organized criminals in these grow operations.

The sting was revealed in the LF Press and detailed how Ms. Tran was finally caught. It seems that an undercover operation was setup to actually find homes for grow operations and then were actually stocked with grow lights and power bypasses. Before the marijuana was produced police stepped in and made the arrest.

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