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REITs Offering Incredible Dividends

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Although the housing market continues to fall into a decline across most of the United States, many financial analysts are finding that the real estate market is actually offering the best dividends for investors. Real Estate markets are required by law to give ninety percent of taxable income back to shareholders, and thus, produce very high dividends.

There are three particular real estate investment trusts being recommended by stock market experts. These REITs include Annaly Capital, Senior Housing Properties Trust, and MDC Holdings. With dividends no smaller than six and a half percent, these three companies are optimal choices for investing for anybody looking to add to their portfolios.

Annaly Capital specializes in mortgage loans, and has a dividend yield of an astounding fifteen percent. Annaly is benefitting immensely from the government’s push to keep interest rates at record-low levels. They are considered to be one of the biggest REITs on the market, and have a proven history to back that consideration. Even at their worst levels in the past few years, Annaly has produced dividends no lower than thirteen percent.

Senior Housing Properties Trust is a company that looks to grow, as more baby boomers become senior citizens. The company specializes in senior housing, and produces an average dividend of seven percent. Senior Housing Properties Trust has experienced a strong increase in revenue over the past few years. It has been paying a consistent seven percent dividend to shareholders for more than ten years, making it an incredibly attractive option for investors.

The last REIT offering attractive dividends is MDC Holdings. MDC Holdings currently offers a six and a half percent dividend yield. The company specializes in building and selling new homes is certainly not an obvious choice for most investors, though they specialize in a niche market, allowing them to produce strong results. They have produced a solid six percent dividend for nearly twenty years. Despite the very weak housing market, they are an excellent choice for investors.

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