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Residential Real Estate Boom Continues in Pennsylvania City

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While some cities in the United States are seeing their real estate markets struggle, Scranton, Pennsylvania has enjoyed continuous success. In particular, their downtown area has now seen three apartment complex expansions, which could be considered unheard of with the state of the national real estate market.

The small city has had over 150 apartments and condominiums build in the last year and a half, and the growth is expected to continue. What is even more amazing is that people are moving to the area without being offered a single incentive. As the success in the city continues, many investors are eyeing various ways in which they can get involved.

Even investors from outside the state are seeking opportunity in the area. With the commercial real estate market in shambles across the nation, they are seeing residential real estate in cities like Scranton to be an excellent investment.

With rents ranging from $850 to $1,300 in most apartments, people are finding Scranton to be an ideal place to live. They are able to experience city living, and live in new and unique apartments at a very affordable cost. As more people move in to the city, there are even more looking to follow.

Cities across the country may want to take a look at what Scranton is doing to attract this growth in the residential real estate market. While some cities offer incredible costly incentives, they fail to attract even a fraction of the number of people opting to move to Scranton. Perhaps they’ll be able to learn a thing or two from Scranton in order to turn their own real estate market around.

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