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Residential Real Estate in Washington D.C. continues to show improvement

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The summer months have treated the resident real estate market in Washington D.C. exceedingly well. Recent reports have shown that prices have increased for the fourteenth consecutive month.

While there are areas around the country that continue to struggle, Washington D.C. is truly leading by example when it comes to improvement in the housing market. There are a number of factors that are contributing to the remarkable improvements, most specifically a combination of low mortgage rates, and bountiful inventory.

Most realtors and real estate market experts consider it to be the perfect time to buy a home in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area due to the low mortgage rates and competitively priced homes. If that advice from the experts is followed, the Washington D.C. housing market could continue to see unheard of improvement throughout the rest of the summer.

It should come as no surprise, though, to see even further success in the future months, as falling rates have provided for outstanding possibilities with respect to loan availability and percentage rates. Those looking to buy a home can land a 30-year fixed rate mortgage loan over seven hundred thousand dollars with a minimal interest rate.

With the struggles surrounding the debt-ceiling continuing to loom large in Washington, one has to be incredibly happy about this news. With other reports indicating that other major cities are also seeing an increase in average home prices, would it be too early to say that the future of the housing market is looking bright? If Washington D.C. serves as an example, it definitely isn’t too early to make that statement, as the housing market there continues to succeed.

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