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Residential Real Estate Prices Rise in the United Kingdom

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Housing Prices in the United Kingdom experienced a one percent increase from September to October. The increase is good news for the property market in the United Kingdom, as prices generally tend to drop in the late fall and winter months.

Despite the increase, there is little expectation that it is the start of a trend in the United Kingdom market. In analyzing the housing market for the past year, it can be seen that the market has experienced multiple months of increases, and also multiple months of decreases. The current market has been incredibly volatile for the most part, and there is clear indication as to whether it is set to improve, or if the increase was simply a fluke.

If anything, the constant ups and downs of the housing market have actually led to a stagnant market, as pricing and availability is very similar to that which was seen one year earlier. The stagnation of the market, though, is not a negative sign, but rather shows a particular resiliency in that it has been able to remain flat despite very negative outlooks regarding to overall European economy.

Some analysts are now questioning if the market has, in fact, bottomed out, as stagnation is usually a strong sign of that. Others, though, believe that it is too early to make such a prediction. The European debt crisis continues to loom over the United Kingdom and other surrounding nations. While some cities like London have continued to thrive throughout the constant national economic fears, others have struggled terribly.

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