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Retail Real Estate on the Rise in Germany

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Germany’s retail real estate market continues to grow at very strong levels. The sector is currently the leading commercial real estate sector in the country, and looks to continue its growth. Investors have thus far paid almost eight billion dollars into the market this year.

The retail real estate market in Germany has seen its growth in all aspects of retail, from specialized retail centers, larger shopping malls, and department stores. The larger shopping malls are definitely the most popular of the group, as they account for almost fifty percent of retail real estate investment.

The retail real estate sector has enjoyed high rents, and minimal vacancy rates. The sector has proven to be one of the strongest in the world, as it continued its strong performance throughout the global financial crisis.

The success of the German retail real estate market has attracted investors from around the globe. Other European investors represent the largest conglomerate of international investors, as Germany is performing above and beyond the rest of the continent.

One reason for Germany’s success has been the overall quality of goods produced in the nation. Their exported goods are always in demand around the world, thus contributing to their successful economy. As such, the retail real estate investment market produces very strong yields not seen in other retail real estate markets worldwide.

Even as the threat of another European debt crisis looms, Germany’s real estate market continues to be successful. With more international investors looking to enter Germany’s retail real estate market now than ever before, the market will likely continue its growth.

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